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The Best Ways to Advertise Your Business in Jakarta


Advertisement is an integral part of any business's success, as it is through advertisement that a business expands its customer base and opens new windows of opportunity. There are many ways to advertise a business, and based on brand and circumstances each varies in regards of time, labor and costs. Here are some best ways to advertise your business in Jakarta: 


1) Use the Local Press and Public Relations

Consider placing an ad in a local weekly newspaper. They are read by a wide variety of local people and is one of the most cost-efficient tool for advertisers. One of the benefits of using press releases is that they are easy to create and can be promotional in nature without being too obvious : People tend to trust press more than an advertisement. The editorial guidelines are straightforward and it is easy to get your releases accepted on major press release distribution sites. It is an easy way to market your business and boost your online visibility. For best results, contact local media including newspapers and magazines to see if they will publish your press release. You may be surprised with the result. Or maybe you have big budget? Then go big and the old school way - billboard - 


2) Win over an influential blogger

Find influential bloggers in your industry and ask them to review your product or service in return for a useful and free product and resource for them to use. The endorsement from an expert in industry can be quite influential since people tends to follow other people, especially if they are famous.

Another option is to build your own blog. Blog is an excellent marketing tool for businesses. The benefits of a blog will increase in relation to the publishing frequency. Studies show that businesses that blog regularly are two times more likely to generate leads via their website as businesses that don’t. It also builds trust in your business.


3) Try Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads External link give you the option of being able to target specific demographics. This means you can target people you haven’t reached yet and try to engage them, on the other hand you can also focus your advertising effort in specific area, such as Jakarta. Even if users don’t always make a purchase due to your Facebook ad, they still end up ‘liking’ your business, which gives you the opportunity to create a database of potential customers. Through this method, you can aim to turn a one-off customer into a loyal repeat customer. Social media advertising is measurable, through insights and other analytics. It’s also ideal for short-term strategies and to generate traffic to your website or other channels.


4) Build and Optimize Your Website

Thanks to the current technology, it’s no longer necessary to open a new store to reach retail customers. A website lets you reach millions of customers around the world. Your website acts as marketing tool for your business, so make sure it looks the best it can. Your site should be focused, and simple to navigate, with great content. Ensure your web conveys the message you wish to get across to your visitors and does so in a compelling way.


5) Use Integrated Marketing

There’s no single, failsafe approach to marketing, so vary your tactics. Your customers may tune out after a while if you only use one marketing method. So think of different ways to communicate with potential customers – classified ads, leaflets, social media, direct marketing, etc.


6) Have a Good Branding 

Before you jump to your advertising plan, it is crucial to have a strong branding. In an ever-competitive world, branding is one way of helping you protect and extend the uniqueness of your service or product and at the same time, can lead to an increase in your sales. It helps your business to differentiate itself with competitors by offering specific promises : “cheap furniture -IKEA”, “Durability - Duracell”.

A well-branded business knows the one or two things it’s best at, and uses those to create a brand message. A good brand willl deliver its message clearly, confirms the credibility of the message, connects to its audience emotionally, motivates the buyer and reinforces loyalty.

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