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Marhaban Ya Ramadhan


As the “Marhaban Ya Ramadhan” phrase goes and also heard all over the world; it indicates that the holy month of Ramadhan has arrived. A month where the Holy Quran, the book of Islam is revealed by God as guidance for mankind from darkness to light.


On Ramadhan, all the Muslims are required to fasting (from sun-up to sundown) as its described in the Holy Quran Sura Al-Baqarah (2): 183. It intended to form and shaping a devout Muslim personality to God. Despite fasting, the Muslims all over the world are eager to waiting for Ramadhan to come. Why? Because on the holy month of Ramadhan, all the heaven gates are openly free and besides that, the hell gates are closed for "business”, and also during Ramadhan, the demons or devils or satan or jinn or whatever they called are shackled. Basically they are “out of business” too.


So with the coming of Ramadhan this year, let us take this moment to welcoming Ramadhan and we wish you all, Muslims in the whole world, had a very smooth and blessed fasting this year. Happy fasting, guys!


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