Brand Development

We believe that the whole branding effort is a synergy of visual elements and strategies, and not just having a visually appealing logo design. We are here to help you grow with a team of talented and creative individuals at your disposal and combined with our holistic approach to branding process, we believe we are the droid agency you’re looking for.

Identity Development

If a memorable brand is the end-product of a process then its identity is the first step. The cornerstone to every great brand is an equally great identity. From logo and graphic elements to typefaces and color scheme, they are all correspondingly imperative to brand’s potency.

Logo Design

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so the old adage goes, we find this especially true when it comes to logo. Mezaic identifies and evaluates your branding values, then incorporate the graphic elements that will solidify the position of your brand.

Brand Strategy

You might have a super innovative product but if your brand failed to convey that message then it would all have accounted for nothing. We will help identify your brand’s selling points, identify your target market, communicate to your audience and induce loyalty.

Brand Identity Standards Manual

Now that you have developed your brand, what’s next? We will produce a ‘guidebook’ which summarises, at minimum: the brand’s color schematic, typefaces, and identify the derivative use of the logo. It is with the Manual that your business can maintain its brand consistency.

We fancy working with you on developing your brand. Let’s talk!

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